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Find your Mojo for 2014, Weight loss tips

Thanks to my inspiring friend, Debi Sliber, AKA the Mojo Coach,  for sharing this blog post in time for New Years. I was at a seminar where Debi was a featured speaker and she was one of the best speakers I have ever heard! Talk about turbocharging inspiration! If you feel you need some guidance in your healthy lifestyle journey, follow or better yet work with her. 

Probiotics and Celiac from Harvard's

Probiotics? Prebiotics? Symbiotics? Gut Microbiome? Get the all the definitions you need to be an expert! Wondering what all the buzz is about probiotics? Check out Dr. Doherty's article from, Harvard Medical School's resource for doctors and patients.

Blue Buddha Radio: The Guts on Gluten

Drs. Margrit Mikulis and Christine Doherty discuss the latest updates on Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance.  This two part show gets into the "guts" of what you need to know about wheat and gluten from what Dr. Doherty picked up attending the International Celiac Disease Symposium '13. 

5 Ways to Soothe Anxiety

 Anxiety is one of the dirty little secrets of celiac, it is one of the most common gluten related symptoms but it often goes unmanaged. Here are some drug-free ways to help you reclaim your inner calm. 

Gluten-Free and Tired? Top 5 Culprits

Gluten-free but still struggling with having enough energy to get through the day? Dr. Christine Doherty outlines the top 5 culprits for ongoing fatigue specific to celiacs and the gluten sensitive. The good news is they are treatable! 

Headaches, Migraines and Gluten: Strategies for Resolving the Pain

Chronic headaches and migraines are a major symptom of gluten related conditions, be it celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Going gluten-free is not always enough to completely resolve the pain. Take it from a doctor who herself is a migraineur, which natural strategies can make all the difference in decreasing and resolving the pain!

New Hampshire Doctor of the Year 2013!

Dr. Christine Doherty, is honored to receive the New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors "Doctor of the Year Award, 2013" for her work with celiac disease and gastrointestinal health.  

Fructose Intolerance? FODMAP? Why gluten might be the tip of the iceberg

Could there be more foods beyond gluten that are causing your chronic digestive symptoms? Learn about Fructose Intolerance and the FODMAP diet. Take your recovery to the next level. Could apples be as bad for you as gluten? Find out!

Listen to Jules Shepard and Dr. Doherty on Probiotics, Supplements and More!

Probiotics and the gluten-free diet? What vitamins should you take if you are celiac? Jules Shepard and Dr. Christine Doherty have a lively conversation about all kinds of gluten-free hot topics. 

Gluten-free, But Still Gassy and Bloated? The Top 6 Causes

 So you went gluten-free and you felt better for a while, but now your symptoms are back, or they never fully went away. Here are the top six culprits that could be sabotaging your gluten-free recovery. 


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of a spectrum of neurological conditions that can accompany celiac disease. According to a study in the Journal Primary Care for CNS Disorders in 2011, ADHD should be considered a symptom of celiac disease. This means that if you are diagnosed with ADHD you should be screened for celiac disease and conversely if you are celiac you should be screened for ADHD.