The gluten-free diet alone is not always enough to provide what you need to heal, repair and rebuild your health.  But what are the right supplements for you? I literally helped write the book on supplements for celiac and the gluten-free diet, I am the doctor Harvard Medical School and the American Gastroenterological Association called on to help them answer that question!  FYI, they both recommend my C-Liac Vitality Packs which provide the key ingredients your body needs to heal. Check out my clinical favorites for the products I rely on to resolve common problems like fatigue, trouble sleeping, anxiety, depression, joint pain, migraines, and other symptoms that don't always go away after going gluten-free. 


Since finally figuring out gluten was literally killing me in 2003, I have been specializing in gastrointestinal conditions, especially all things gluten related. If you are fed up with knowing more than your doctors, then my decade of research, personal experience, and extensive clinical experience usually allows me to take it to the next level. I don't just stop at the gut though because gluten doesn't just affect the gut. I look at the big picture, which I find is so rare with doctors today.  I strive to listen carefully,  then order the right testing and prescribe the right (mostly natural) treatments to restore your quality of life! If you would like to consult with me, don't delay, it takes months to get an appointment! 


So you have either been diagnosed with a gluten issue like celiac, gluten intolerance, fructose intolerance, or you have gone gluten-free on your own to reclaim your health. As much as it is a relief to know it is't all in your head, finding gluten-free information and products you can trust is a challenge. Cutting out gluten often starts a steep learning curve, and many of you have questions that your doctors or dietitians don't have the answers to. But if all your symptoms didn't go away when you went gluten-free you need more expert information. If you are looking for quality information check out my blog, GF Hot Topics, and my healthy recipes for cooking ideas! Sign up for discounts and a weekly feed below.